The idea for Kellee and I’s midterm project was initially different.  Originally , we wanted to use the sensor to control a ship in the game asteroid.  While working on getting it to work consistently, we noticed that the circular motions we were making were similar to making a smile. Which got us thinking about how to incorporate some of that humor into our project.  Eventually, we decided to make a more lighthearted game that reflected a different motion on the sensor.

Whenever I feel down or something is eating my grapes, I draw smiles over and over again. I recognized that the action will make me smile at some point. But Why? What was it that made the physical motion of drawing the smiles over and over again beneficial?

Recent research in clinical psychology has shown that the fastest way to change an emotion is to change the behavior attached to it.  Which might help to explain why watching videos of cats, looking at memes, or the action of physically drawing a smile can help to make you feel better.

At home, there is a saying that “when you’re happy it’s like a flower blooming in your mind.”

To create the input for the sketch, we used a round touch sensor that maps to to certain values. Lower values cause the sketch to react in one way, while larger values cause a different reaction.