I often see people turned away after opened the door of restroom. It is because the restroom is currently full and nobody wants to wait inside. As seen of the below picture, there is a capability for two people using it at same time.


There is an useless bench inside the restroom.


Therefore, I started to think how to notice people it is full without their opening the door of restroom and by an interactive way?

In fact, due to safety reason, restrooms in airplane have been using a capability notification system to avoid a waiting line for a long time. It uses lockers (locked or unlocked) to trigger the notification signal.



However, we can not use this technology for our restroom. It is because the capability of our restroom is more than one.


Do Not Enter, Restroom Closed For Cleaning



How can we use minimum sensors to make a capability notification system?

What kinds of sensors should we use?


Sketch Plan

1. A monitor that will show the restroom is full or not.

2. Find these sensors can calculate how many people in the restroom.