I eat, therefore I am. – A mini recipes generator using neural network.


( Could you tell which painting made by a human or a robot? )

Does art need to tell a story? If story telling may be optional, what are the necessities to create art? Bennat Berger, a commercial real estate entrepreneur, suggests three essentials in his article:  the first is technical ability, the second is creativity, and the third is intention.

And, AI can not make artwork with intention, but two others.

Is cooking an art or a science?

While I came from Taiwan to New York, my first job was food preparation at a startup bubble tea shop. My duties included brewing tea, preparing tapioca, sanitizing the equipment. It only required technical ability. The work was boring, so I started to learn from our tea master to create bubble tea recipes. For my thought, the process was more of a science than an art. However, the process itself did has three essentials to create art without storytelling: technical ability, creativity, and intention. Of course, the results, recipes are not an art. They will be used for repeat manufacture purpose.

( My sketch of creating new bubble tea receipts. )

Below video show how human to perform final touch of machine’s recipe with intention. At this level, could it be called an art? My final project is going to discuss that is it possible to teach machine to use intention?

And… try to make a recipes generator using neural network.

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