I am using LightBlue to discover nearby BLE devices. Below image shows what I found:

I guess my neighbors like Samsung TV a lot? Also a lot of Unnamed devices caught my eyes. What are they? This is a question.

Product discove – Choose three products that are using wireless communication protocols (BLE, Bluetooth Classic, Wifi, NFC, etc)

  1. My phone – iPhone SE gen 2. (BLE, Wifi)

According to below spec of my phone, my phone is using BLE, WiFi, and NFC wireless communication protocols.


2. My computer – MacBook pro 2017. (BLE, Wifi)

According to specs, my MacBook pro 2017 has BLE and WiFi. (Bluetooth 4.2 )


3. My microcroller – Nano 33 BLE sense (BLE, WiFi)

According to datasheet, my Nano 33 BLE sense only has BLE.